April 2014

Working With Motivated Sellers

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Specializing In A Niche Real Estate Market

Starting your own business, no matter what the field is, can be a particularly daunting task. Amplify that by five and you have what it is like to be ...read this post

Investing Wisely: Trust Your Realtor

Of all the relationships you make in the investing industry, none is as important as the one with your realtor. Your realtor has a direct pipeline to ...read this post

Understanding Your Closing Costs

If you have considered financing your investment purchase, you may already be aware of the impact of closing costs. These costs are part of the proces ...read this post

Real Estate Investors: Why Isn't My House Selling?

Putting your home on the market and not seeing the offers come pouring in as quickly as you would like can be a very frustrating feeling. Having alrea ...read this post

Real Estate Investors: Listen To Your Realtor

Real estate is one of those things where everyone seems to have an opinion and a better way to do things. If you are considering selling your property ...read this post