June 2014

Controlling Your Investment Risk

The most successful real estate investors understand the concept of risk-versus-reward. Every deal carries some degree of risk, but if you minimize it ...read this post

Real Estate Investing Today: Keep An Eye On Tomorrow

The next time you tell someone you are a real estate investor, listen carefully to their response. They will probably ask you which way the market is ...read this post

Taking Care Of Your Real Estate Team

You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. This is typically applicable when referring to team sports and big companies, but it is ...read this post

3 Weekly Tasks To Help You Find New Deals

There are very few deals in a year that would be considered easy. In most cases, you need to spend extensive time marketing and networking just to obt ...read this post

You Won't Know If You Don't Ask

It has been engrained in our culture to avoid confrontation and possible rejection at all costs. One of the first lessons you should learn as an inves ...read this post