September 2014

The Benefits Of investing In A Real Estate Portfolio

There are many ways to run a real estate investing business. When starting out, it can be pretty intimidating trying to figure out which properties ar this post

Looking Past Appearances: Let Numbers Dictate A Deal

Appearances often influence our purchasing decisions. It is no secret that the more attractive a car, phone or house looks, the more likely someone wi this post

Be Sure To Mind Due Diligence On every Purchase

With every real estate purchase you make, you need to spend the time to know exactly what you are buying. Minding due diligence on a property may not this post

How To Approach Tenant Turnover

Owning a rental property and being a landlord is similar to that of having a second full time job. The amount of work required can get pretty overwhel this post

Plan To Achieve Your Real Estate Goals

There is still time left in 2014 to achieve all of your real estate goals, but you had better hurry up. Without fail, at the turn of the calendar year this post