December 2013

How Important Is Your Real Estate Education?

If you talk to enough investors or visit the many investment websites made available, you will have undoubtedly heard that education is essential. Sea this post

What Will Drive Your Tenants Away?

As a landlord, you should get out of the habit of treating each lease as a one-time event. While not every tenant wants to stay in your house or apart this post

Look Back Before You Look Forward

The end of the year is often a time for reflection. Most people will take a moment to evaluate all of their personal hits and misses over the past 12 this post

There Is Never A Right Time To Start

Life always appears to be moving at the speed of light. There isn’t time to regroup or to call a timeout as it's happening. There is never going to this post

Paralysis By Analysis

Almost every successful investor will face a point in their business when they have to take a leap of faith. This could be on an individual deal or re this post

Housing Market Needs Strong Employment

The economy is one giant cycle, as money is constantly coming and going for everyone. If the public is not making money, they cannot spend it. The spe this post

The Trick To Evaluating Multiple Offers

There are times in the real estate industry when having a problem is a good thing. For instance; having multiple offers on a property can be considere this post

No Signs of Slowing Rental Demand

Over the past three years, no segment of the real estate industry has grown faster than the rental market. Demand for rental property is at an all-tim this post

Stay Up To Date On Relevant Real Estate Data

There is information available everywhere in the real estate industry if you know where to look for it.  From employment numbers to new housing start this post

Buying And Selling Near The Holidays

There are many buyers and sellers who consider the last six weeks of the year to be stagnant, as the holidays create a lull in market activity. They n this post