November 2015

Don’t Overlook These Rental Property Expenses

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What Can We Learn From Airbnb's Recent $100 Million Real Estate Deal?

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Cost-Effective Ways To Find Your Next Real Estate Deal

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What To Do If Your House Doesn’t Sell

Before you get involved in any deal, it is important to have an exit strategy. Not only do you need an exit strategy, but you need to have plans A, B, this post

Working With A Home Equity Line Of Credit

One of the secrets to being a good real estate investor is to think outside the box. There will be times where you need to be creative to get a deal d this post

Making The Leap To Multifamily Investing

As subtle as it may appear, the difference between single and multifamily properties can be immense. The extra units will impact the down payment amou this post

What The Latest Real Estate Data Means For Your Business

What does the latest round of real estate data and statistics reveal about the market, what’s ahead, and what are the best moves available for you t this post