August 2015

15 Tips For Building The Best Real Estate Team Possible

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Finding The Right Lender For Your Smaller Loans

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Rental Property Advice: 4 Ways To Promote Long-Term Wealth

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What The Latest San Diego Real Estate Data Really Means

New San Diego County real estate statistics are out. What are they saying about the state and direction of the market? Contrary to many predictions this post

Smart Cash Flow Investing: Finding Balance In Leverage

Is financial leverage good or bad for real estate investors? Is there such a thing as finding balance? This is an incredible time for investing in this post

What Investors Look For In Real Estate Startups

What do investors look for in new real estate ventures initiated on behalf of a residential redeveloper? Even if you have no plan to raise capital, this post

Let Social Media Work For Your Real Estate Business This Year

Does social media marketing still work for real estate in today's investing landscape? If so, how can you make it work for your company? Social med this post

10 Ways To Boost Your Creative Problem Solving Skills

How can real estate investors, agents, and CEOs boost their problem solving skills and creative thinking abilities? Creative problem solving is a c this post