February 2014

The Real Estate Auction Process

To quote a famous line from The Godfather, “this is business, not personal.” This quote, as memorable as it is, should be streaming through your h ...read this post

Furnishing Rentals: Decrease Tenant Turnover

With rental demand still high, it is important to make your unit or property stand out from the crowd. There are a number of factors in why a potentia ...read this post

Focus Your Marketing Efforts

You can be the best investor in your area, but if you are not getting incoming leads nobody will ever find out. A huge piece to the investing business ...read this post

What Makes Your Business Stand Out?

For every investor that leaves the business, there are two more that enter. When the market collapsed last decade, a countless number of investors swo ...read this post

The True Value Of Curb Appeal

Home sales are at a five year high and real estate is back in demand. That being said, there is not a run on property like there was back in 2006. Sel ...read this post

Grow Your Real Estate Business Online

Growing your investing business doesn’t always have to be about marketing and lead generation. With the massive increase in technology and platforms ...read this post