Real Estate Marketing & Google Ads


What’s wrong with your real estate marketing on Google now? Want to know how to leap ahead of the competition, and start selling more?

Google ads have become even more popular for real estate companies and independent professionals. They are a great way to keep lead flow consistent, but many still aren’t seeing the results they hoped for. So how do you fix that?

The Number One Issue Impacting Google Ad Performance

If there is one common and consistent issue plaguing the majority of real estate marketers on Google, it is that they are not doing enough. Specifically, you may not be doing the following enough:

  • Ads
  • Keywords
  • In bidding
  • Consistency

If you check out the big competition, you’ll likely find they are running hundreds and even thousands of different keywords and ads. Many real estate marketers find this daunting. It doesn’t have to be, and you don’t have to do it all at once. Just get started, and schedule time to add another 10 or 100 per week.

Where Real Estate Advertisers are Wasting the Most Money on Google Ads

Most real estate investors focus almost exclusively on text ads. However, display and image ads are becoming more popular amongst a wider cross section of industry marketers. Yet, there is one major money waster which continues to plague the majority of those using both PPC and CPM ads of this type: they are showing their ads to those that have already purchased.

Think about it. You have no doubt seen this happen to you. Maybe you searched for a new laptop last week, or plane tickets to a convention you attended last week. However,  you still get served these Google ads based on that search history. In many cases, you have already bought the item you needed. If you searched for it online, you probably bought from one of the top Google results from those with the best on-site SEO (i.e. blogs).

If you get served those ads for another month or two, that advertiser is just flushing their advertising budget down the drain. You might be doing the same thing without realizing it.

This may be most noticeable when running pay-per-click ads. You know when people click or not, but with CPM, you may not know that all of your ads have already been shown to those that already bought. Even with PPC, you lose. If people aren’t clicking, Google will deem your ad ineffective and will run it less.

You are going to end up advertising more, and bleeding more money, for a worse ROI, and less results.

So what’s better?

How to Get Ahead of the Competition

What others aren’t doing is considering the behaviors and actions that come before they are ready to buy from you. Instead of marketing to those that have already bought, why not get one step ahead with a predictive ad strategy?

What search terms and keyword phrases, or actions might indicate someone is ripening as a real estate lead to buy or sell their home?

For example; someone searching for terms like “how long does it take to get inherited property in California?” might be about ready to receive a home. Start showing them ads for selling their inherited property then. Before the competition. That way they can sign up to sell the house to you, even before anyone else starts marketing to them. The same may apply to similar indicators such as:

  • Getting married and planning a wedding
  • Having another baby
  • Planning for retirement
  • Searching for bankruptcy or debt consolidation help
  • Researching new school districts

What do people think about, and search online for, before they decide to buy or sell? How can you win them as clients before anyone else gets a shot?

Take Your Google Marketing to the Next Level

Try experimenting with these Google Ad options to boost your Google real estate marketing:

  • Make sure ads link to more relevant and specialized web pages
  • Send traffic to targeted landing pages
  • Use Google ad extensions
  • Look out for Google’s new ‘click to buy’ feature
  • Use Google Sponsored Promotions to get right into users Gmail inboxes