The E-Myth Real Estate Investor

Michael E. Gerber, Than Merrill, & Paul Esajian

About The E-Myth Real Estate Investor

Combining the expertise of real estate investors and educators Than Merrill and Paul Esajian and renowned business development expert Michael E. Gerber, The E-Myth Real Estate Investor provides a complete toolkit for either starting a real estate investment business from scratch or maximizing an existing company’s performance.

Loaded with practical, powerful advice you can implement easily, this one stop guide enables you to realize all the benefits that come with a thriving real estate investment business.

The E-Myth Real Estate Investor equips you to:

  • • Transform yourself from a successful real estate investor into a successful real investor-entrepreneur
  • • Rethink your business, shifting from tactical thinking (working “in” your business) to strategic thinking (working “on” your business)
  • • Stop trading time for dollars
  • • Implement innovative systems to produce consistent results as your business grows
  • • And More!


Book Reviews

Greg Clement
If you are looking to own your business instead of having your business own you, then you have to read The E-Myth Real Estate Investor by Than Merrill. I have met countless real estate investors over the years who now have very successful real estate business because of Than’s guidance and coaching.
Cort Christie
Than Merrill is the leading teacher and coach in the real estate investment industry. Not only will The E-Myth Real Estate Investor change the way you think about your real estate business, but Than’s warmth, commitment, and passion will inspire you to truly master your business and improve your life.
Raymond Yeh
Michael gerber is among the very few who truly understand entrepreneurship and small business. While others talk about these topics in the form of theories, methodologies, processes, and so on, Michael goes to the heart of the issues. Whenever Michael writes about entrepreneurship, soak it in, as it is not only good for your business, but great for your soul. His words will help you to keep your passion and balance while sailing through the uncertain sea of entrepreneurship.
Thomas O. Bardeen
When asked “Who was the most influential person in your life?” I am one of the thousands who don’t hesitate to say “Michael E. Geber.” Michael helped transform me from someone dreaming of retirement to someone dreaming of working until age one hundred. This awakening is the predictable outcome of anyone reading Michael’s new book.
Sean Malarkey
The E-Myth Real Estate Investor should be required reading for every real estate entrepreneur. No one has positively impacted more real estate investor’s businesses and lives than Than Merrill.
Clate Mask
Michael’s understanding of entrepreneurship and small-business management has been a difference maker for countless businesses, including Infusion Software. His insights into the entrepreneurial process of building a business are a must-read for every small-business owner. The vision, clarity, and leadership that came out of our Dreaming Room experience were just what our company needed to recognize our potential and motivate the whole company to achieve it.

About The Authors

Than Merrill & Paul Esajian - FortuneBuilders Inc.

Than Merrill and Paul Esajian (Michael E. Gerber Partners) are the co-founders of and CT Homes, along with Konrad Sopielnikow. In the past decade, they have bought and sold hundreds of properties, including everything from single family to multifamily to commercial properties. They are also the stars in A&E’s hit TV show Flip This House. Their expertise in running a successful real estate investment company is an invaluable resource for any aspiring real estate investor. Additionally, they coach hundreds of successful real estate investors in different markets around the country on how to build successful systems Dependent businesses. Than and Paul reside with their families in San Diego, California.

Michael E. Gerber is the author of the mega-bestseller “The E-Myth Revisited” and 5 other E-Myth books concerning small business and entrepreneurship. Additionally, Mr. Gerber has written 14 industry-specific E-Myth Vertical books co-authored by industry experts. These books are written for: Attorneys, Accountants, Optometrists, Chiropractors, Landscape Contractors, Architects, Real Estate Brokerages, Insurance Stores, Dentists, Nutritionists, Bookkeepers and soon to be Veterinarians and Real Estate Investors.